What are the uses of recycled Styrofoam?

Recycled Styrofoam is Styrofoam that previously has been used and now is recycled by companies in need instead of going to landfills, including Styrofoam fish boxes, Styrofoam packaging, Styrofoam packing peanuts, Styrofoam cups, and food service products. As long as it is recycled and reprocessed with a Styrofoam recycling machine, it could be used to make new products. And due to superior performance compared to other materials, recycled Styrofoam gained its rebirth with many uses and is popular between manufacturers.

What's the process of Styrofoam recycling and reproduction?

The process of Styrofoam recycling involves feeding the collected foam through conveyor belts into a Styrofoam recycling machine that first shreds the material. After the process of crushing, hot melting, extrusion, and molding, the discarded foam becomes high-density ingots. These ingots are used for the subsequent reproduction, which would be pushed under pressure into a die with small openings and extruded as strands of Styrofoam, cooled with water, and chopped into pellets that are used to make new products.

What new products can be made from recycled Styrofoam?

Although foam got through Styrofoam recycling couldn't be used for making insulated cups, foam trays, or anything else that will come in contact with food, it could be applied to many other products.

1. Outdoor furniture like the park bench and fence post

Recycled Styrofoam costs less than hardwood and can be used instead of woods such as mahogany and teak, which are harvested from rainforests.

2. Seedling containers

When Styrofoam is combined with soil and compost, it helps promote aeration.

3. Door and window frames

When Styrofoam is blended with plastic, it can be used to make decking and interior trim.

4. Insulated concrete forms and other structural panels

Styrofoam has also become extremely popular in the construction industry, it helps to make building practices more sustainable.

Recycled Styrofoam could be disguised as marble, quartz, wood, and meanwhile the weight only 1/50 of those materials, makes it very competitive, especially for those airlines concerned about loading capacity. And all these are the credit of Styrofoam recycling.