For most of the people, retailer is always the most popular stores all over the US, even in the very small town in middle West. People buy not only the daily use products, but also the home appliances, cloths, foods and so on. Thus, it is a must to do styrofoam recycling for the #6 foam waste.

Like in Walmart, people are buying lots of appliances. After these appliances been installed, most of the people choose to return the #6 foam back to the stores, then the store will sort the foam our every day and ship back to the distribution center. In all around the US, Walmart only has 6-8 distribution centers, that means each distribution center covers a certain numbers of stores, and are getting a significant volume of #6 foam.
To solve the foam recycling problem, Walmart begun to search the solutions couple years ago. Now they have foam waste recycling densifiers running at each distribution centers. Annually they can sell more than 700 hundred pounds waste foam to the foam reusing companies to make the picture frames.

Another case is Macy, a chain companies with 584 stores all over the US. The differences with Walmart is that Macy focus on the fashion products, like cloths, shoes and household products. The reason why they have #6 foam waste is that they also carry small home appliances like microwave oven, juicer, kettle and so on. Not a large volume, but still a problem need to be solved.

They also have the foam recycling system in their warehouses, to save the space and also the expensive trash landfill charge. With this system, they don’t need to worry about any foam problem in the future.