White Glove service is a common service provided by some retail stores. The delivery and install service is always complex due to the labors and truck investment, also the professional installation is necessary for some products like washer, refrigerator and large furniture. Most of the furniture and appliances stores focus on the products and store management, they want to cooperate with the third party logistic company.
Z Gallerie is a furniture chain all over the US, total more than 50 stores in CA, FL, TX and other states. In South CA, they are working with a professional company Furniture Delivery Service. They have a large warehouse at Vernon, all of the furniture and mattress will be stocked here for a short time, Furniture Delivery Service has 20 trucks and will make the delivery for all of the orders in Z Gallerie. After the delivery, there will be lots of Styrofoam garbage in their warehouse. They find the solution to melt the foam down with a foam densifier, ratio is 90:1, every 4-5 months they can have a full load melted Styrofoam to sell.

Premier is a logistic company cooperating with Home Depot, they have several locations with warehouses, most of the products they handle is the appliances like washer, refrigerator. Each day they have more than 200 stops to the final customer, every stop will collect 4-5 pieces Styrofoam.

To solve this problem, they also find a solution: Cold compressing the foam to blocks, a similar technology with hot melting. They are happy with this foam recycling solution as can reduce the space in the warehouse.