Public Recycling Center

Along with the fast growing of economy, the environmental problem becomes more and more terrible. According to a report from World Environmental Protection organization, annually the plastic waste can reach to 0.3 billion metric tons in our green planet. It’s growing fast,foam #6 waste is one of the plastic scraps, which is special as it’s large volume but light weight.

As the Styrofoam is difficult and high cost to recycle, most of the recycling companies don’t want to accept it. So the Government action will be necessary to reduce and recycle the Styrofoam waste by their efforts.
In Oregon, USA, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County is a third party, non profit recycling center, aim to reduce the Styrofoam waste and provide the job to the homeless in Lane County, Oregon. In 2016, they learned that Styrofoam waste is difficult to recycle, and no recyclers in their county accept this material. After half year researching and learning, they built a program to use a professional foam densifier to recycle Styrofoam from the local residents and commercial centers. This program has helped them produce 5 job opportunities to the public, and recycle Styrofoam for more than 400,000 pounds.

In Malaysia, PJ Eco Foam Recycling Plaza is a Kuala Lumpur City holds recycling center, aiming to reduce the food waste and Styrofoam waste in the MBPJ district. This trial program launched in 2018 and finally finished in 2019. In this recycling center, the city built a show room for Styrofoam recycling, to show to local residents the Styrofoam can be 100% recycled and reused. Since 2018, this center has recycled more than 30,000 pounds Styrofoam, reduce more than 100,000 pounds CO₂.