Foam Fabricator
Every piece of #6 foam is coming from foam manufacturing plant, some plants are expanding by themselves, and some plants are not expanding, only buying big boards and doing fabricating. Both are generating a lot of scrap during their production line, some scrap can be recycled and mixed to make new products, such as 10%, 20% and 30% depending on customer requirement. Meanwhile, there are a lot of foam scrap can’t be reused, need to find a foam recycling solution. Fortunately, most every manufacturing plant is reusing a little, and recycling the rest scrap. There is 0 scrap going to landfill.
ACH Foam Technologies is a nationwide foam manufacturing plant, they are expanding and fabricating started from 2005. They are reusing some leftovers and using a foam densifier to recycle those foam disposals into blocks in all their 7 locations around US. Since there are lots of local fabricating plants are buying big boards from them, and have no equipment to recycle, ACH also offer a very good service to collect back all their scrap after fabricating with hot wire.
Maven Packaging is a local fabricating facility located in Alabama, Even they are not expanding raw material, they buy a log of boards and generate really lots of scrap, not only #6 foam, also have polyethylene foam scrap, their foam supplier don’t offer a scrap collect back option, they figured out it’s really very important to recycle by themselves and installed foam densifier in 2018. They can recycle anytime to solve space problem, save a lot of landfill cost and bring a lot of profit.