What role does Styrofoam recycle machine play in waste foam recycling?

If you are engaged in the Styrofoam recycling industry, you must have heard of the Styrofoam recycle machine, but not all recyclers will adopt this type of machine in their recycling business. Today, let's learn more about the role of the Styrofoam recycle machine play and its importance in the Styrofoam recycling industry.

As we know, Styrofoam material is always bulky and single-used. Styrofoam is widely used in packaging, home appliances, logistics, catering and other industries. The amount of waste Styrofoam that we produce every day has exceeded our imagination. Are incineration and landfills really where Styrofoam ends up? No, as a recyclable material, the value of Styrofoam waste must be fully realized with the application of Styrofoam recycle machine.

What are the main advantages of adopting a Styrofoam recycling machine?
Reduce storage and transportation cost. Styrofoam waste is always light in weight and bulky, the main function of the Styrofoam recycle machine is crushing and compacting or melting, and the purpose is to make the loose Styrofoam much smaller than the original volume, which can greatly reduce storage and transportation cost. That is why many recyclers choose to use such type of machines.
Keep the factory 5S clean. For Styrofoam products manufacturers, keeping the factory clean is a guarantee of increased efficiency and safety. As a result, more and more manufacturers and cutters are investing in Styrofoam recycle machines to recycle the foam waste from the production process.

Make extra profits. Styrofoam recycling is a good business opportunity to make extra profits. The recycled foam material can be used at the raw material for new foam items production. In fact, compressed Styrofoam blocks are more popular to sell in the market and get a better price.

Styrofoam recycle machine plays an important role in the waste foam recycling process, it is a good tool to start your waste Styrofoam recycling program.