Foam Recycling Project

Foam Recycling Project

Consulting Service for the business customer who have the plan to operate the foam recycling program.

Ask for a Recycling Specialist's Help

1. Calculate the return on investment and know how to recycle foam and make a profit.

2. Our team are professional foam # 6 recycling solution provider, can provide complete foam # 6 recycling solutions, such as saving storage space, landfill costs, warehouse operations, etc. Contact with them to get more Suggestions.

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How to Choose a Suitable foam #6 Recycling Densifier:

There are 2 kinds of foam densifiers in the market: Hot Melting and Cold Compressing.

Both of 2 types are working well for general foam #6, but sometimes the special foam #6 need to choose suitable type:

1. For general foam like Furniture & Appliance packaging, coolers, can choose both types.

2. For foam fish boxes, cold compressing densifier will be better as it’s always moisture.

3. For the foam flakes or dusts, hot melting densifier is better. Cold compress will be hard to shape it to blocks.

How to sell recycled foam to a buyer

1. Put the recycled material on the pallets or gaylords.

2. When have a full truck load (30-40 pallets), contact the recycled foam #6 Buyer to get a latest offer.

3. Load the trailer when the buyer come to pick up, then the buyer will issue a CHECK.

Partner Introduction:

INTCO Recycling recycled 60,000 tons of waste foam, which helped save 2,400,000 trees and reduce 120,000 tons of carbon emission. INTCO has become one of the biggest waste EPS end-user and recycler in the world. They offer the total solution for foam #6 recycling:

1. Manufacture and provide the foam densifiers (Both Thermal and Screw Drive).

2. Purchase large volume of recycled foam, a reasonable price can be offered. .

3. Reuse the recycled foam to produce the picture frames and moulding, supply to Target, Walmart, IKEA and other retailers.