Steps of Foam #6 Recycling
Foam to Products:


Step 1: Sort the foam and clean all of the tapes, labels, etc.
Step 2: Use the foam densifiers to recycle the waste foam, reducing the foam volume.
Step 3: Sell the recycled foam to the foam end-users

Step 4: The end-users reuse these foam to make the final products.

How to turn waste foam #6 into useful renewable products? What is the specific steps of foam #6 recycling? Many people expressed confusion about this. First of all, we must first understand the introductory knowledge of foam #6 recycling, which is the premise of the specific steps.

There are 1~7 numbers in the plastic recycling symbol, which represent the type of plastic. The number #6 represents polystyrene/foam #6, which is commonly found in white foam boxes/packing fillers.

Where to Recycle Foam #6

The first thing we need to know is where can carry out foam recycling near me? You can google "recycle center + zip code" to get a lot of information. Usually your waste disposal company has a foam #6 recycling service, but you may have to pay extra. The advantage is that you don’t have to sort it and just put it directly on the roadside, the waste company will collect it.

If you don’t want to pay extra, or if there is no foam #6 recycling service near you, you can take it to the waste disposal company. Some universities have recycling centers and for students, it may be more convenient to go to the university's recycling center than to go to an outside waste disposal company.

Important Tips for Handling Foam #6

When you take the waste foam #6 to the local recycling center, remember to clean it and tear off the labels or tapes, which can save each

other's time and improve the effectiveness of foam #6 recycling.

Keep in mind that some daily necessities are toxic and cannot be thrown away mixed with foam #6 waste, such as dry batteries, lithium

batteries, various super glues, and old electronic equipment/old cell phones/old computers, etc.

There are also some kinds of foams that you think are recyclable but are actually not. For example, some foam-packed beverages have a layer of film inside that cannot be recycled.

The above is the basic knowledge of foam #6 recycling, for more information about the specific steps please refer to