Final Product of Recycled Foam #6

As the common conventional plastic, foam #6 is used widely around our life. After properly recycled to pellets, it can be reused more than 10 times to different final products:
Frames:A fashion application for recycled #6 foam. Most of the frames in the retail stores are made by recycled foam #6.
XPS:Largest application for recycled #6 foam, as the insulation board in the buildings.
Hangers:Foam #6  can be added in the raw material of hangers, both the white and black color.
Pens and Rulers:The main parts of pens and rulers can be made by recycled #6 foam.
Foam insulation:Around 30% material in the foam insulation is recycled #6 foam. The new technology can even add more than 50% recycled foam.