Furniture Company
As one of the most popular protect material in the world, the #6 foam is wildly used in Furiture industries. The #6 foam can protect the corner and fragile parts from collision damage during shipping and delivering. Almost all the #6 foam in furniture industries is from packagings like desk, Chair, Sofa, Bed and so on. To offer the best service, most of the furniture companies choose to use a foam densifier to recycle the #6 foam themselves when they deliver furniture to the customer. Like Ashley, Living Space, they have been recycling #6 foam for several years.
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc is a world-renowned American home furnishings manufacturer and retailer and it exports 30,000,000 pieces of furniture products to 123 countries, including 7,000 transport containers with 22 varieties of more than 7,000 kinds of products. In 2007, Ashley started its Styrofoam recycling by the purchase of 6 Styrofoam densifier. After that, they sold the recycled Styrofoam ingots to granulation plant or the end users of Styrofoam, such as some application stores of frame and baseboard.
From December 2015 to now, Ashley bought four styrofoam densifier and set to his four distribution center.Such a practice applied by densifier machine, for one thing, can save prohibitive expense of disposing Styrofoam, for another, has brought about considerable benefits as it can not only protect the environment, but also lead the enthusiasm of Styrofoam recycling. Therefore, if you happen to get troubled by the disposal of waste Styrofoam, buying a machine to recycle it and then selling to end user is a very good choice.