A One-stop Styrofoam Recycling Solution

Regarding the rebirth of foam, the participation of multiple roles in their respective positions is indispensable. This is a process in which multiple roles complement each other to get mutual benefit.

In addition to the end users of foam/Styrofoam production and use, some businesses play the role of foam recyclers, some sell foam recycling machines, some provide compacted foam blocks and ingots, and some businesses need to buy such compacted foam materials to make recycled products and sell them to the market.

If you want long-term and stable development in the field of Styrofoam recycling, here we propose a one-stop Styrofoam recycling solution to participate in and lead the entire process of foam recycling.

The first step is to collect Styrofoam waste. If conditions permit, a corner of the warehouse can be specially opened for storage. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the foam as much as possible, tear off the labels and tapes, and prepare for the later work.

The second step requires the use of a foam recycling machine, which can be either a cold compactor or a hot-melting foam densifier. The same point is that foam is crushed first, and the difference lies in the principal and process of compressing. Self-produced and sold such a foam recycling machine can make the most profit, otherwise, you can choose to buy a reliable brand machine.

The third step is to sell recycled products. You can choose to sell the compacted foam blocks/ingots at market price, but this is not the end. Instead, rebirth of foam means a new recycled foam product flowing to the market, which can be realized by granulating foam blocks/ingots into pellets to make frame products or interior moulding.

When the recycled foam/Styrofoam products start to flow to the market, this represents the end of rebirth of foam and a complete one-stop Styrofoam recycling solution.