Foam Densifier Machine in California

        Since 1988 when New York’s Suffolk County issued the first Styrofoam ban in the United States, the call against the ban has never stopped. Now, foam is still here in use and we have been in the same debate for over 30 years. Until the appearance of the foam densifier machine in California, making the foam after use no longer a waste but a valuable resource for recycled products, the voice of prohibit of foam gets fewer and fewer.

        The investigation first started with furniture stores in the United States, because there are always a lot of foam packaging materials that need to be handled in their operation mode. It turns out that the highest utilization rate is the foam densifier machine, which functions in foam compression and volume reduction and plays an important role to ensure warehouse tidy and orderly.

Users of Foam Densifier Machine in USA


The world No.1 furniture store brand and the USA No.1 furniture retailer


One of the world’s top 500, the 15th largest retailer in the USA with 700 chain stores


One of the top 100 furniture retailers in the US


The largest furniture store in the Southwest area of USA

Other furniture stores with different scales are not displayed one by one, like JEROME’S, the famous furniture store in Southern California; SCANDINAVIAN-DESIGNS, the premier contemporary home furniture store in the USA; CONN’S, also famous furniture chain, all of these businesses now take advantages of the foam densifier machine for foam recycling.

The foam densifier machine used by the above furniture stores is branded in GREENMAX in California, USA, and its machines have now been sold to more than 70 countries and regions, specially in Europe and North America.