What are some innovative ideas for waste Styrofoam recycling?

Styrofoam is a common packaging material in our daily life, such as styrofoam food container, styrofoam boxes and so on. For those who do not understand the recycling industry, the only value of Styrofoam materials is to protect goods on the way of transportation. When the goods arrive safely and without damage, their destiny is to be thrown away as disposable garbage. Undoubtedly, styrofoam is a recyclable material. In addition to being recycled by professional styrofoam densifier, there are many innovative ways for waste Styrofoam recycling.

Here are some innovative ideas for waste Styrofoam recycling:

1. The Stray Cat Shelter

In winter, the stray cats on the roadside feel cold because of their homelessness. The Styrofoam box can be reused to make the home of many stray cats due to its thermal insulation performance.

2. The Planter Box

Like other containers, Styrofoam boxes make great planters. It’s just a matter of how you want them to look. You can create a faux stone look, cover it in fabric.

3. The Artistic Sculptures

When it comes to sculpture, most people would think of marble, but Styrofoam is also a good material for carving. “I wish to examine and re-contextualize found objects and materials, to invest them with new life, and to sanctify – or at least acknowledge their presence in the world,” Junge explains in his artist’s statement.

4. The Binder

Add d-limonene, natural oil from the rinds of citrus fruits that are often used for cleaning to the Styrofoam and you'll get a sticky substance that can help you reassemble your vase.

After knowing the above innovative Styrofoam recycling methods, you can try to use them in the gap of your life, not only to save resources but also to do something loving or artistic. Isn't it killing two birds with one stone?

Though Styrofoam recycling may take some time, there's no need to waste your Styrofoam. Instead of making it part of the waste stream and taking 500 years to decompose in a landfill, it's better to turn it into a good clean revenue stream through Styrofoam recycling.