What's the secret for manufacturers to deal with waste foam#6 insulation panels?

Insulation panels are high-performance building panels used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. Foam#6 now has been widely used in the construction industry insulation panels as because of its excellent properties such as high insulation value, good water resistance, lightweight, and low price.

As the industry is booming and capacity expansion, more and more leftover foam#6 insulation panels are generated during the production process so that some manufacturers feel headache for the increased treatment costs, since waste foam#6 are often bulky in volume and take up space so that high storage and transportation fees generated. Fortunately, a number of insulation panel manufacturers have found the secret of handling waste scrap, that is, foam#6 recycling.

In the past, due to the lightweight of foam#6, the manufacturers consider foam#6 recycling as a worthless thing, which the money earned could not cover the transportation, warehousing, and labor costs. So even if they knew foam#6 is recyclable, they don't want to do foam#6 recycling either. However, these years of foam#6 recycling industry is booming compared with the past.   Although the previous foam#6 recycling is really not popular, now it is different, many new technologies are being used in this industry. If you want to protect the environment or make profits, foam densifier is the product you must know.

Just as the name implies, the foam densifier destroys the original structure of foam#6 by heating, increasing the molecular density, thereby make the loose foam into a firm form. Do you know what this means? This means that you can reduce the transportation cost by almost 89 times with the help of this machine, which is the secret of manufacturers to treat insulation boards. As long as you put the loose insulation board into the foam densifier and press the four-button in sequence, it will be cut by the cutting device immediately, and then goes to the heating chamber. When it comes out, it is the compacted neat foam#6 ingots.

By the way, the storage condition of foam#6 ingots is not very harsh, therefore, if you have enough storage space, you can put them there and wait until the market price is higher, then sell them, of course, it depends on you.