West Seattle will carry out a foam#6 recycling project on the first day of spring

In order to make up for the delayed recycling plan last spring, the West Seattle Junction association has pledged to carry out a foam#6 recycling activity on the Spring Equinox Day(Saturday, March 20th). On that day, not only waste foam#6 but also electronic products, light bulbs, and shredded paper can be accepted. The location is-South Seattle College on Puget ridge.

In fact, this site is newly added this year, and another site is in the West Seattle junction Association parking lot off 42nd SW, just south of SW Oregon, where the foam#6 recycling program has launched last September. However, due to the narrow space last year, the West Seattle junction Association adds this new site this year to ensure much more space to handle drive-up traffic. Following this, there is still a new change this year, that is, no longer to accept household goods, because last year's 2175lbs household products took the place of the waste foam#6. Waste management agencies believe that there is still room for foam#6 recycling on the basis of last year's 1900lbs.

If you want to participate in this foam#6 recycling activity, you can take the clean and stain-free recyclables you have accumulated in the past six months to the nearest recycling point. Volunteers in yellow vests will lead you in the right direction. When you arrive at the unloading point, if you are driving, you need to get out of your car and unload the waste foam#6 on your car. If you are walking, you can directly deliver the waste to the staff at the table. At the end of this collection, the organizers will toss the collected foam#6 into the foam densifier that would turn the waste into a compacted form.

This is a big opportunity for you to undertake foam#6 recycling this year, and it is not certain whether there will be such an activity later. Thanks to the West Seattle Junction association organizes this activity to create foam recycling seeds in everyone's heart, and to provide residents with assistance within their capabilities. Vernal equinox heralds the beginning of green, be an environmentalist from this spring!