Various Solutions for Styrofoam Recycling

Styrofoam recycling generally occurs in foam end producers and foam recyclers. The end producers include foam manufacturers, fabricators, furniture manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, logistics companies, fish plants, electronics manufacturers, supermarkets, etc., and the foam recyclers include waste management, waste recyclers, appliance recyclers, refurbish companies, collectors, etc. Ways to recycle Styrofoam waste varies from kind to kind.


Mechanical Recycling

This method can be divided into waste Styrofoam compression and waste Styrofoam granulation.

1. Compression of waste Styrofoam is to crush the Styrofoam and compact it by screw extrusion of a foam densifier. The compacted Styrofoam blocks can be sold directly.

2. Waste Styrofoam granulation is to first crush the foam scraps, and then use the foam granulator to force the fragments into the extruder screw barrel, which are melted and extruded, stretched, cooled and cut into regenerated granules by heating, and then put into use.

The mechanical Recycling is currently the most used and the most effective Styrofoam recycling and you can click here for more detailed information.


Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling has attracted the attention of various countries as a feasible method to reconcile waste Styrofoam with the environment. This method is to decompose the waste Styrofoam into reusable components including monomers, compounds, fuel, etc., making Styrofoam recycling truly becomes a closed-loop process. This method has the following advantages: the quality of the chemical raw materials generated by decomposition can be comparable to that of new materials; in addition, it has the potential to deal with a large number of wastes, that is, it can be recycled and can truly control the pollution of the waste foam to the environment. The current processes with industrialization potential in chemical recycling are cracking, vaporization, hydrogenation, and pyrolysis. Although chemical recycling is not novel in terms of reaction mechanism, there are still many engineering problems that need to be solvded before it can be all put into practical use.


Other Recycling Technologies

1. Manufacture of Rust-Proof Paint;

2. Manufacture of Multifunctional Resin Glue;

3. Manufacture of Anti-Seepage and Leak-proofing agent; 4. Used as Asphalt Reinforcement