Turn Waste into Treasure: Foam Densifier Makes a Difference on Foam#6 recycling

Convenience, light-weight, and various usage, which make foam products gain a lot of popularity. Especially, during the lockdown period caused by COVID-19, the number of foam products including delivery packaging, takeaway food containers, etc., increases dramatically. However, the serious problems generated by improperly recycled foam and are usually ignored by us.

Nowadays, environmental protection has become a more and more significant theme and we have a crying need for the correct foam recycling process. So now the question is, how to effectively recycle the waste foam and try to turn the waste into treasure? Burning, landfilling, or a professional foam densifier? Here comes the answer.

Know More About Foam#6

Foam#6 can be recycled after use because it is composed of 98% air. And it has extensive applications as we mentioned above. Although foam can be recycled completely, it still is one of the most environmentally unfriendly types of waste that exist today. First, foam needs at least 500 years to be decomposed. Except that, toxic chemicals and non-biodegradable pollutants will be generated when being heated or exposed to sunlight. Second, foam waste causes adverse impacts on both environment and animals. For example, foam products are easily swallowed by animals, then making it a choking hazard.

Shifting Tides of Foam Recycling

Foam#6 recycling is bringing wider public awareness including authorities, non-profit organizations, and individuals from all walks of life these days. Take Virginia for example, it has already taken further actions to limit the usage of plastic foam containers. A bill of Virginia that prohibits food vendors from using plastic foam containers is also up in the air. Recently, the disposable food ware ordinance is going to take effect on April 1st.

Recycling Differently

According to what we discussed above, most current recycling methods can’t achieve an ideal effect. And the shortcomings are apparent too, which is not non-environmentally friendly or economical-friendly.

But have you ever imagine a situation to turn the waste into useful resources and try to recycle foam distinctly? Foam densifier is the professional foam recycling machine proved to be an effective choice to deal with foam waste and makes a great contribution to thoroughly exerting the worth of the whole value chain of foam. By using a foam densifier, foam waste can be transformed into valuable new products, such as photo frames, architectural materials, and so on, which complete the process from waste into treasure.