ROF encourages you to make a green Christmas through foam recycling

Christmas is coming, and with it, extra gift wraps or boxes appear. "The holidays are a huge time of consumption for everyone," Susan Attridge, director of Refuse and Recycling for the City of Buffalo, said. "Over America, about 6 million tons of extra material is generated during the holidays."

Actually, while Christmas garbage is 25 percent more than usual, 80 percent of it can be recycled.

Common recyclable materials include clean cardboard boxes, newspapers, milk jugs, phone books, as well as vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, and eggshells. Among all the recyclable materials, foam is the most easily overlooked one, it is even listed as unrecyclable material in some Christmas recycling guides.

Here, ROF (Rebirth of Foam) wants to tell you, foam is 100% recyclable, and all of us should spare no effort to implement foam recycling, which can reduce street pollution and enhance city sustainable development. At the same time, recyclers could make a profit through it. No matter from which perspective, foam recycling is worth doing.

How to recycle foam waste during Christmas?

1. For Individuals

Generally speaking, the roadside recycling bins do not receive foam. But in special times such as Christmas, some communities may organize roadside foam recycling activities. You only need to remove the tape and stains on the foam, and then give the foam to the staff.

If your community doesn't organize the event, the best way is to collect the foam around you and take it to the recycling center, which will also give you a fee in return for foam recycling.

2. For Government or Recyclers

For those who have both economic strength and foam recycling channels like the government or recyclers, foam can be collected through centralized recycling, and at the same time, a foam densifier is needed to compress the foam collected. Although the densifier requires investment, compressed ingots can bring huge profits, and the return on investment will not disappoint you.

Make a green Christmas is a thing that each of us has a responsibility to do. Recycling is just a little work for us, but it is a must for the environment. If you don't want to drown in abundant foam, actions should be taken to achieve foam recycling.