Paying high landfill fees or investing in a foam densifier?

When processing waste in the traditional way, U.S recyclers and the logistics who have the demand to dispose of the waste foam should pay a fee to the landfills. However, when the landfill fee in the Pacific region of the U.S. (which includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) rose by $4.57 per ton compared with last year’s rates to $73.03 per ton on average, you may begin to think about whether the landfill is economic. In fact, if your company scale is large enough and the amount of waste is up to a certain level, it is very cost-effective to invest in a foam densifier instead of paying high landfill fees.

Investing in a foam densifier can not only save the cost of garbage disposal, storage, and transportation but also benefit from foam recycling. Nowadays, the reason why most logistics hesitate to invest is because of the price. Due to the high price of the foam densifier, you are not sure whether you can get the corresponding return after investment, and even fear that you will lose your capital. Actually, as long as you compare the landfill cost with the foam densifier, it is easy to find that the machine is worth investing in.

At present, the cheapest foam densifier on the market is about $25000. Supposing each pound of foam ingots generated by the foam densifier values $0.2, a ton of ingots is about $440, while the landfill fee of a ton of garbage is $70. Therefore, you can quickly extrapolate that the investment cost would be covered when you have 40 tons of waste. At the same time, if you buy a foam densifier, you can also use it to do foam recycling in different places, because this machine can be moved on a truck, which would be your most effective money-making tool.

To sum up, in case you have enough foam scrap or your business scale is under expansion, investing in a foam densifier is your best choice. And you do not need to worry about the lifespan of the densifier, it won't have a big problem in a decade.