How to choose a suitable machine to implement foam#6 recycling?

Foam#6 recycling machine is an important tool that can reduce the volume of foam#6 waste through cold-compacting or hot-melting. Beginners first enter the foam#6 recycling industry may be confused when facing the different kinds of machines. You may ask “to choose a foam#6 densifier or a compactor? A machine with an output ratio of 100 or 300?” If you are not equipped with professional foam#6 recycling knowledge, these problems will really bother you, so it is necessary to learn how to choose a suitable foam#6 recycling machine.

Determine foam#6 recycling material type

Different machines have different performance, but before determining the performance, you need to determine what material you are dealing with. If your material has high water content like fish box, you'd better choose a compactor because water will affect the efficiency and the quality of the machine. 

Choose the production capacity

You should estimate the quantity to be processed and the scale of your business to choose the production capacity. Generally speaking, the larger amount of foam#6 waste volume you have, the more productive foam recycling machine you need so that you could save the storage space and the labor cost. Normally, a high-efficiency machine can achieve 660 lbs per hour output while a usual can only achieve 220 lbs per hour output, saving three times of manpower and electricity. Although the high capacity machine will be more expensive, in terms of overall return on investment, it is trustworthy for companies who has a large amount volume of waste foam#6.

Evaluate storage area and logistics cost

Compared with the foam#6 densifier that the compress ratio is 1:90, that of the compactor is only 1:50, which means more storage and transportation costs are required. If you have enough storage space, and meanwhile, you can get logistics services at a low price, the compactor is a cost-effective choice.

After understanding the above three points, you have a comprehensive understanding of how to choose a machine fits you in foam#6 recycling. If you want to know more details, you can leave a message on our website.