How do I Carry out Styrofoam Recycling When No Recycling Centers Near Me

Not long ago on April 10th, an academic enthusiast raised a question about Styrofoam recycling on QUORA, which aroused a heated discussion. The question is: how do I carry out Styrofoam recycling when no recycling centers near me?

Comments show that most people's views on Styrofoam recycling are that the use of foam should be prohibited, or that foam is difficult to recycle, and is not recommended.

“One of the reasons you may have difficulty in finding a recycling plant for Styrofoam is that it is extremely difficult to recycle Styrofoam. The foam must be very clean and not contain any adhesives because this can gum up the machine. The machines are very costly so processors are very picky on the type of foam that they can recycle.” Brian Smithers said, an environment analyst.

“Styrofoam must be not bought, nor used. Also in Italy where we recycle 43% of plastic (world average is 9%) Styrofoam (we called it Polistirolo) is only collected to be mixed with concrete to made walls able to keep internal temperature protected by external cold or hot. The boycott is the only way to face this toxic material that drops poisons on the food that touches this plastic surface.” Answered by Guido Martinelli, studied Sustainability & Information Technology at Chemistry (1987).

Actually, although Styrofoam is costly to recycle, but the truth is that recycled Styrofoam can be precious resource to make other products and serve our life again. In our daily life a lot of frame products like photo frames, mirror frames, decorative frames are all made of recycled Styrofoam pellets. Moreover, kinds of Styrofoam recycling equipment on the market offered like GREENMAX, RUNI, HEGER, AGI, etc., which you can choose from. You will get a mutually beneficial and win-win result after spending a little more time investigating the most suitable one, whether there is such a recycling center around you.

To carry out Styrofoam recycling with the right equipment, not only alleviates the environmental pressure caused by white pollution, but also brings huge benefits to enterprises, such as machine manufacturers, Styrofoam recyclers, and recycled products manufacturers, to jointly promote the economic operation of the whole society.