Five Tips of Foam Recycling

Foam is one of the most used materials in a variety of applications, from take-out food containers and expresses packaging boxes to building insulation materials. In the United States, the recycling of foam is slowly developing, but a large amount of this material ends up in the landfill. It is estimated that 30% of the total solid waste dumped in landfills is foam.

In the United States, foam recycling is a concern. You may have heard the chemistry teacher in your high school tell you that foam will survive much longer than the Statue of Liberty. The government and some factories will use foam densifiers to process collected foam to achieve foam recycling. However, if you are an individual, you just need to know what to do or where to send the packaging for foam recycling, here are some suggestions:


Sometimes you pack something for transportation, but there is no packing material or filling material in your house, it will be useful for you. To reduce the volume and save storage space, you can cut foams into small pieces, and then store the material in a plastic bag for future use.

Use as Insulation

As mentioned above, EPS is highly flammable, so it is not safe to use it as a temporary insulation material in residential buildings. However, they are very suitable for auxiliary buildings such as dog houses, tool sheds, or pumping houses.


If you just looking for nearby facilities to put down these bulky foams, Earth provides an excellent service to help you find a foam recycling facility in your area. 

Sowing green with foam

If you live in a farming area, local farmers may want to use foam bricks. They use this material for plant beds and drainage. Or you can use foam as a simple plant box to start some gardening work in your backyard or roof garden.

Mail to recycler

Cut foam into small pieces, and then ship to the Foam Packaging Recyclers Alliance to recycle them. it is much more economical and environmentally friendly for they have foam densifiers to deal with these bulky foams.