Different Voices from the US Alarm us Recycling Waste Foam is of Great Importance

Waste foam seriously affects the health of wild animals and marine life. As for the importance of recycling foam, it goes without saying. The following are the different voices from different continents.

Alameda in California showed that foams enter the ocean and the natural environment, which is destroying the environment and marine wildlife.

People in Albany, California said: “foam is notorious as a pollutant. It breaks down into smaller, non-biodegradable fragments, which are ingested by marine life and other wild animals, thereby harming or killing them.”

Aliso Viejo, California issued a decree: “polystyrene, a kind of foam substance whose waste poses a risk to the fragile ecological balance, because marine and terrestrial wildlife often die from ingestion of polystyrene products. Since foam remains in the ecosystem for a long time, this risk may happen repeatedly.”

The official in Andover, Massachusetts announced: “foam is a common environmental pollutant. It can break into small pieces so that marine life and birds cannot distinguish whether it is rubbish or food. If they ingested foam waste, it would affect their digestive tract and eventually leads to death.

Brisbane, California showed that if foam containers enter waterways and bodies of water, they will have an adverse effect on marine life. In contrast, reuse or recycle foam food servers can reduce waste and protect natural resources.”

Laguna Beach, California: “Marine animals and birds often confuse foam as a food source. Ingestion of such material usually leads to reduced appetite and nutrient absorption and may die from the hunger of birds and marine animals.”

Different voices from all over the US have sounded the alarm for us. Recycling waste foam is of great importance. As the saying goes: there is no permanent rubbish, only misplaced resources. The world is facing a shortage of resources, and we must make full use of existing resources. To a certain extent, waste foam is a misplaced resource that can be recycled and made into frame products. First collect waste foams and compress them into blocks. And then granulate them by foam densifier. Finally, the exquisite photo frame was manufactured.