What is the Affection and Solution of Foam Recycling under COVID-19 in America

In the United States, foam recycling is still more seriously affected by COVID-19. It is reported that the Texas Tech University Recycling Center, which was temporarily closed due to COVID-19, will be permanently closed. So the problem comes, where should the citizen who need to do foam recycling transfer the foam waste to?

Techs recycling center was closed

Tech’s Recycling Center mainly conducts local glass recycling and foam recycling. It has been established for nearly 11 years and is under the responsibility of University Student Housing department. The managing director Sean Duggan said that the future of the recycling affair is unknown. "I think this has run its course for right now," Duggan said.

Where can foam waste be transferred

Statistics show that, the annual operating cost of the Tech's recycling center is approximately 500,000 US dollars. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, the recycling market has collapsed and the operation of the recycling center has become more difficult. The surrounding foam waste has nowhere to be placed, and foam recycling cannot go on. Duggan said, “I just don’t think I can ask my students to pay for that anymore.”

In the future, these waste will be transported to the DFW area. Due to the lack of local buyers, they need to pay for the recyclable glass waste at a critical time. In addition to the freight, there are also recycling and processing fees.


Foam recycling near me in USA

They also did a lot of research on foam recycling. Fortunately, almost all states in the United States have set up such foam recycling locations, and they will contact one by one to ensure the smooth progress of recycling. Although in this way, the transportation cost of the foam must be very high.

After the closure of the Texas Tech University recycling center, enthusiastic citizens also made suggestions. In order to save the high cost of transportation of foam to other recycling centers, they can invest in a foam densifier machine and use it in the local place. This is also an effective foam recycling solution. The advantage of the foam densifier is that it can recycle foam waste whenever and wherever possible, and if put on a mobile truck, it will be more convenient.