New Refinements of Foam Recycling Densifier for Sale

Ever since the invention of the foam recycling densifier, the issue of foam recycling has become much easier. Whether enterprises or the government has made great progress in the treatment of foam waste. Nowadays, the foam recycling densifier for sale on the market almost have a fixed recycling process as follows.

Common Process of Foam Densifier

The plastic foam (expanded polystyrene), or what we known as Styrofoam, is first put into the hopper of the foam densifier, in which it will be crushed and shredded into small pieces. These foam pieces then be dropped into the screw and heated by thermochemical reaction and finally extruded from the output.

The high volume extrusion technology helps the output material, known as ingots collected with up to 1/90th of the original foam volume. Usually, these foam ingots will be purchased to be recycled into other products and flow into markets again.

Problems to be improved

The common foam recycling densifier, however, is not highly automated as one set of machine needs at least two labors. One for foam material transfer and drop, and another is for foam’s output and molding. If the amount of foam is too large, more manpower will be required.

New Refinements of Foam Recycling Densifier for Sale

Good news is that refinements have been put forward which enormously enhance the automatization of the foam densifier, which is demonstrated in four facts.

First is the Conveyor which can save the time for the workers to directly move the foam from the ground into the hopper, improving the efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.

Second is the Auto-Cutter added at the end of the foam densifier, with which the foam can be automatically cut into small balls after being melted and extruded. Hence, no worker is needed waiting in front of the output to cut and collect the foam ingots.

Third is the Water Cooling Device aiming to cool down the melted and cut foam balls to prevent them from sticking together.

The last is the Output Conveyor, through which, the melted, cut, cooled down foam balls will be automatically conveyed to the storage bag directly with no need of manual collection.

This new foam recycling densifier for sale, characterizes in high automatization, labor saving, time saving, and non-sticking, wins great popularity in the market and turns out to be the best choice for enterprises which want to save more time and labor during foam recycling project. For More types of foam recycling equipment, you can click here to get a most suitable one.