How Does A Styrofoam Recycling Compactor Help Minimize Safety Threat In Life
Polystyrene foam#6 packaging has been the most used packaging material of this era, to package furniture, home appliances, fruits and vegetables, daily necessities, etc., which brings great convenience to our lives. However, the used foam#6 has gradually become a headache for everyone, and it brought a great damage to our environment.

The Safety Threats
A recent news is like this, in the village of Paifang Street, there are some residents who rent vegetables and fruits from outside the country piling up boxes and polyethylene foams in front of their homes, which not only created hidden dangers, but also destroyed the harmony of the neighborhood.

It is necessary for everyone to know that the corridor of the community is a public fire-fighting passage. Stacking debris in the corridor not only affects daily traffic, but also has many hidden safety hazards. From the inspection situation, most of the corridors are stacked with combustible materials such as polyethylene foam cartons. Once a fire occurs, it not only affects the escape of others, but also easily expands the fire, with unimaginable consequences.

How Styrofoam Compactor Helps
If you ask people in these neighborhoods how to dispose these waste foam#6 disposal, they may have no idea whether  it will be landfilled or incinerated, but in fact, the best foam#6 recycling method is to use a styrofoam compactor to turn foam waste into useful products. Such recycling concept, maybe need to be strengthened and promoted by the community and government.

The styrofoam recycling compactor is a recycling machine that can reduce the volume of the foam and extrude it in fixed shape. After the waste foam#6 is processed by this machine, it can be used for granulation and regeneration to make other products.
However, it is a pity that this recycling concept has not been popularized well. The road to styrofoam recycling has a long way to go and requires everyone's efforts.