High-quality EPS Recycling Equipment - Foam Densifier

The material commonly referred to as Styrofoam is also called expanded polystyrene foam or EPS, which comes in our lives everyday, and our communities are at a turning point and exploring ways to do EPS recycling better.

State of EPS Foam Waste

A recent report from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce found that, in 2012, over 6,500 tonnes, 80% of EPS waste in Canada, ended up in landfills or waterways. It's even worse in the U.S., according to Environmental Protection Agency in 2012 that less than 4% of EPS containers and packaging were recycled.

EPS Recycling Equipment - Foam Densifier

The reason why we recommend the foam densifier is based on the main problem: it is not cost-effective to collect materials like EPS foam that is bulky, light, easy to break apart and pollute other recyclables. And usually, Many jurisdictions, including the City of Toronto, have to effectively pay companies to take the EPS waste.

The foam densifier, a professional and popular foam recycling machine, which is often easy to operate, with high compression efficiency and production capacity. Dedicated to volume reduction, the compression ratio can reach up to 90:1.

Get to know more about high-quality foam densifier, you can click here to see the displayed, to enjoy quick and efficient EPS recycling only by one machine, without pay extra fees to take the EPS waste.

EPS Recycling Centers

Not all users need to invest a foam recycling equipment like individuals having household foam waste of food trays and cups that need to be treated, or small-scale enterprises without large amount of foam waste. Thus, to regularly deliver these EPS foam waste to the recycling centers is the most appropriate solution.

If you are not sure whether there is such a foam recycling center near you, or worry about not accepting foam waste, click here and you can get some help.