Foam Densifiers Should Synchronize with Recycling Sense to Promote Foam Recycling

When you throw waste foam trays or cups into the trash cans at will, do not forget how many people around the world are working hard for the cause of foam recycling, whether it is the masses who collect foam waste to respond to the call, or companies use foam densifier machines for help

Recently, Beconsfield organized a large-scale waste foam collection event, which has recycled 230 kilograms of polystyrene foam and helped foam recycling on the upgrade.


At the same time, on island of Montreal, some municipalities is planning to hold a special foam collection day with the purpose of making its own contribution to foam recycling. Residents will be invited to put polystyrene foam waste at the local eco-centre on September 6. If you miss out or are delayed, you can have another chance on October 3.

When the global foam recycling is being held around the world, manufacturers and suppliers of foam densifiers are also constantly upgrade the quality to ensure the maximum utilization of foam recycling. It also ensures that the foam waste collected by the masses is not ultimately destined to stay in the landfill.

We all know that there are still many cities that are unwilling to recycle No. 6 foam waste, because it is not only large in size, takes up space, but also easy to hide dirt and difficult to clean. However, not all foam densifiers have their own waste cleaning function. This is exactly where most foam densifier machines need to be upgraded.

It can be seen that the increasing maturity of foam recycling lies not only in people's ideological sense, but also in the advancement and updating of foam recycling equipment.